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Message Of The Day DCS 4.3.6

About the SOFIA Data Cycle System

The SOFIA Data Cycle System was initially developed under cooperative agreement between NASA and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA), in conjunction with the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of California, Los Angeles. Development has continued under NASA contract NAS2-97001 to USRA. The SOFIA Proposal Tool is based on the Astronomers Proposal Tool (APT) developed by the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Developer Credits:

Current USRA Development Team:
Li Sun, Thomas Lau, Kaori Nishikida, Robert Perez, Dr. Lan Lin, Dr. Liz Moore, and Erich Proudfit

RIT Development Team:
Robert Krzaczek

NASA Development Team:
Dr. Sean Colgan

USRA Senior Science Advisor / User Support
Dr. William Vacca, Dr. Ravi Sankrit

People who were part of the development team but have since left:
Francis Nelbach, Neill Callis, Jonathan Adams, Miguel Charcos-Llorens
Prof. Harvey Rhody, Patrick Stein,Scott Lawrence, and William Hoagland.
Prof. Mark Morris, J. Milburn, David Goorvitch

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