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Message Of The Day DCS 4.2.1

Target Visibility Tool (Beta Release)

If the browser print function does not work use the buttons below. You need to have Java enabled to run this applet.

Known Issues

  • Under Mac OSX 10.5 and some versions of Mac OSX 10.6, the plot window goes blank if you switch to another tab in the browser and then switch back to the VT tab. Activating either of the "Plot" buttons will restore the plot. Behavior not evident under other platforms.
  • VT currently works with comet designations of the form "C/2008 Q3" or "P/2006 T1" or "169P/NEAT". There are unresolved problems with using alternate forms, especially if the name of the comet is added to either of the first two forms listed above, or if only the comet name is entered with no accompanying numerical information. Not using the correct format may result in incorrect coordinates with no corresponding error message. For more details see SPR510.

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