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Message Of The Day DCS 4.1.2
  • SOFIA Cycle 8 Call for Proposals released on May 31st 2019. Please note that if you submit a proposal, you should receive a response from DCS within, at most, a few minutes. If you do not, please try submitting it again. If you do not receive an e-mail response, then please contact
  • Release Notes

USPOT Download

Pocket Guide - User's Guide - Proposal Documents - Observer's Handbook
Platform Installer Instruction
Cycle 8 (v4.1.1_2)
Mac Download Special Instruction for Mac
Linux + 32-bit Java VM Download View
Linux + 64-bit Java VM Download View
Windows Download View


Supported macOS versions: 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14.


Supported Window OS versions: Windows 7 and 10. To install, follow the normal windows installation.


Supported OS versions: Mint, Ubuntu, Debian

To install, in the install directory, type command:
 chmod +x 
, then type command:

Trouble shooting:

  • For Debian, Mint and Ubuntu users:
    • requires csh or tcsh. To install csh, you can use command:
      sudo apt-get install csh
    • To determine 32-bit or 64-bit Linux system, please use command
      uname -a
      1. If result contains "i686": Download Linux + 32-bit Java VM
      2. If result contains "x86_64": Download Linux + 64-bit Java VM

User Guide:

User Guide is included in the download package.

To run in stand alone mode, simply going to the "Observation" menu and select an AOT. Create a Target. All AOR fields will be populated with default values. Save the AORs to your local disk. The AORs are saved as *.aor file.
To create AORs from a proposal submitted with USPOT, use menu File->Download AORs from DCS..., enter proposal ID in the ObsPlanID filed to retrive your ObsPlan, then click on the "Proposal" node and click "Accept" button. USPOT will automatically create AORs based on your proposal.

Release Notes
This release is to support the SOFIA Cycle 8 Call for Proposal.

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